Booty Workout at Home No Equipment

A booty workout at home is perfect for a hyper focused workout! When we work on a specific muscle group at one time we can make a bigger impact. This glute workout is specifically made to help you strengthen and tone your booty.

There are three glute muscles. The gluteus minimus, medius and maximus. We hit all of these muscles during this workout.

Everything from controlled leg lifts, seated squats and curtsy lunges help keep your hip joint moving in a functional way. Your hips move in so many directions so we want your exercises surrounding your hip to move in many directions as well. We even hit your leg lifts in multiple angles to make sure we hit all three glute muscles.

The toning portion of this booty workout lies in the control factor. Be sure to complete each exercise with control and a slower speed. If you find yourself speeding up that's totally normal. You'll just want to slow things down again.

This glute workout at home will up with your fitness is the most convenient way to workout! Be sure to keep your workout routine consistent and add some variety for the best results!

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