Best HIIT Full Body Workout with Weights

I am so excited to bring you this ultra energizing 20 Minute HIIT Full Body Workout Video! This is one of those endorphin flowing, exciting, feel like a bad-a$$ kinda workouts. Take a deep breath and get ready to get your heart rate up, challenge your muscles and follow along with the timed sets. Our goal is to keep the pace up so our heart rate is up and getting the full HIIT workout benefit.

After our warmup we will jump into our sets with weights. Have your weights nearby. A warmup is really important here especially if it's early in the morning or you've been sitting for a while. I need you to move your joints and muscles to create ease of flow for your body and your workout.

Set 1:

Marching in place
Forward Lunges
Squat Hop

Set 2:

Back Lunge + bicep curl
Side Lunge + bicep curl
Forward Lunge + bicep curl

Set 3:

Hammer Curls
Squat Hold + deltoid lift
Bent Over Back Fly

Set 4:

Wood chop
Squat Twist
Dead Lift
Diagonal Wood Chop
Standing Twist

A 20 Minute Workout is a really perfect amount of time to do a full body workout that helps you feel great about your workout being done for your day. I was definitely feeling the workout when I was done. Stretching is a great way to cool down, give your muscles a minute to feel relaxed so you don't tense up. You also get a chance to let your blood flow slow down, and you'll feel your heart rate slow down here too so that you aren't abruptly stopping your workout.

This full body hiit workout was designed for a moderate exerciser. Feel free to pair this workout with a walk if you have time. Otherwise, you can get on with your day feeling great about getting your workout done for the day!

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