Beginner Lower Body Workout

This beginner lower body workout moves slow, but don't be fooled! We use control and body awareness to get used to these movements, but they're not easy. Follow along as I guide you through how to properly complete each exercise so that the proper muscles are engaging and becoming strengthened.

This workout would be great for beginners AND for more experienced exercisers. After a warmup we start with squats and making sure to use proper alignment and form.

1. Shoulders Back.
2. Belly button in.
3. Chin up. (away from chest)
4. Neck straight.

These are some of the basic cues you'll hear from me while getting started with basic movements.

When your form is great your workout results can also be great. Proper form means the right muscles are firing, your body is in control and you're making the most of your time you spend exercising.

If at any time knees, or anything feels uncomfortable stop and re evaluate if you want to continue or adjust your form.

All you'll need for this workout is a mat or comfortable surface for when we move down to floor exercises. The gravity we get from horizontal movements is an amazing source of resistance for our strength training.

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