Mom and Toddler Exercise

Mom and Toddler Exercise | Ballet Workout

Mom and Toddler Exercise Video

Such a fun and rewarding way to hang out with your kiddo.  Join in the fun with this Mom and Toddler Exercise Video Ballet Style! You'll see that it doesn't always go exactly as planned. It's important to have fun, be flexible and patient. My daughter is 5 so she feels the need to be the leader from time to time so I definitely let her do that. Toddler exercise is crucial to laying the foundation for a fit and active lifestyle long term. A Mom and Toddler workout is the best way to help lay that foundation. We had so much fun with this workout video!

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Check out the full Playlist on YouTube HERE!  These Mommy and Me Workouts seamlessly incorporate your little ones into your exercises! Including your kids can be fun when it feels like play.  Just remember to always be patient, let them take the lead from time to time and feel free to make up exercises as you go.


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Toddler and Mom Exercise Video | Ballet Style
Mom and Toddler Exercise