Back Workout for Women with Dumbbells

This is a back workout for women with dumbbells to help bring more strength and balance to all of those back muscles that help keep us strong and engaged! For this one you can use anywhere from 5-8 lb. hand weights. Gravity will help us as well as we grab leverage with our weights. I like focusing on back because it's an area that can be easily overlooked especially during a full body workout. Any back pain from muscle imbalance should improve with this workout. Or, feel free to check the full playlist for other back workouts;

5 lb. hand weights are a great place to start. Once comfortable, it's best to move up in weight so you can keep challenging your body and getting stronger!

After a quick warmup to move the shoulders and back muscles we get to jump in. This is a good time to start thinking about a solid breathing rhythm which brings your whole workout some flow!

Set 1:

Bent Over Fly
Wood Chop
Bent Over Row
Dead Lift

Set 2:

Bird Dog

Come back to this workout again and again to keep building that back strength. This is a great workout to add onto another workout when you still have time and energy left to keep going!

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Back Workout with Dumbbells
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