Arms and Abs Workout

This 10 Minute Toned Arms and Abs Workout is all control. We are all about the control when we want to build strength! I'm always working on ways to improve functional strength, but this feels even better. Working on abs brings us confidence, stability and toned abs.

In under 10 Minutes I'll walk you through a workout that begins with simple exercises followed by more dynamic exercises to help your body move functionally. When starting with simple exercises it allows each muscle individually to engage and prepare for the more challenging exercises.

Repeating ab exercises and arm exercises allows us to get the feel for the exercise the first time and move more confidently through the exercise the second time. I love this well rounded workout because I'm taking care of little kids all day which require A LOT of core and arm strength. When I don't keep my arms and abs strong I end up feeling sore and sometimes even pain in my back.

Be sure to use a hand weight or a full water bottle for the added resistance!

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