Ankle Strengthening Exercises and Stretches

Ankle strengthening exercises and stretches will set you up for a fun life full of adventure! Hiking and running are just two of many activities that require strong ankles. Any time we venture out into nature we're stepping on rocks, uneven surfaces, moving our ankles in different ways or just simply putting more pressure on them than our every day life requires.

This workout is especially great for you if you experience;
- ankle pain from running
- ankle pain from walking
- ankle pain from hiking
- ankle pain from exercising
- shin splints
- tight calf muscles

Ankle strength doesn't come naturally for everyone. If you've ever done a rocky hike or ran that extra mile you know the feeling of wishing you had more mobility and strength in your ankles. Stressing the ankle joint and stretching are both important for optimum mobility.

When it comes to joints it's important to keep them healthy, mobile and challenged regularly!

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