The Best Animal Exercises for Kids

James and I had a really fun time doing this impromptu animal exercises for kids workout together. We decided to go on an animal adventure workout through many different landscapes and habitats.  I came up with some moves and James came up with some moves.


Feel free to let your littles add to the animal workout so it's engaging for them.  When kids are allowed to lead their workout they are more likely to want to be involved in fitness in the future!

The most important thing to remember when working out with kids is to have fun. Keep things light and free to move around how they choose. This helps kids create a positive relationship with fitness that will last a lifetime!

The Workout Moves

First, we warmup with some bear hugs. Then, we go on a bear hunt;

We trek over a mountain with big steps and reaching and stretching.
Make our way through sticky mud.
Run across a bridge.
Then, we finally find a cave with a bear and go running away!

Yay! This is so fun to take an animal adventure! Let's move on;

Next up, we are heading on a safari.

Reaching up high and walking on tippy toes we munch the leaves up high in the trees.
Our elephant trunks are just plain silly!
Lions are super fun. We can walk around on hands and knees moving our arms and legs while we roar.

The jungle is our next destination!

James picks the gorilla as our first animal in the jungle. Walking in a squat act like a gorilla!
Swing from tree to tree act like a monkey jumping, lunging and reaching while pretending to see the jungle below.

And run from the snake pack! I didn't know snacks attack in pacs, but James says so.

The Australian outback brings us to our final destination of fun Animal Adventures!
First up is an unsuspecting animal. The bunny because they aren't native, but they're there!
After bunny hops we do kangaroo hops and some more bunny hops!

Thanks so much for coming along on our fun animal exercise video workout!!

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Most of these workouts are less than 15 minutes which makes it easy to squeeze in between the many, many tasks in your day! Subscribe for free workouts on YouTube! 

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