Agility Exercises At Home to Increase Endurance

This workout was so fun and energizing! I always feel so exhilarated after a heart pumping workout like this one. It makes me realize how rewarding a workout that requires a little push really is! We use a little bit more space with this workout so we can get the joints and muscles move quickly from side to side. Building up the stamina in muscles and joints is really important to keep them in the best shape possible especially for long term health benefits.

Our warmup for this one is a little bit different than our typical strength training warmup. I will help you move in multiple directions with some twists and dynamic movements which are fun to feel the difference with.

Dynamic Warmup:

Walking Squats
Side Walking High Knees


10 Curtsy Lunges
Walking Lunges forward and back
Jump Hops forward and back
Walking Planks
Plank shoulder Tap
Squat Hop in and Out

Cool Down:

Marching in Place
Stationary Side Lunges

You can complete these agility exercises with no equipment. It's safe to say these are agility training exercises that would fall under the hiit category. Follow the workout timing and you'll surely have your heart rate up and increase your fitness levels!

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