5 Day Fitness Energizer

This is the "I've got no time to workout kinda workout!"

Stop sifting through millions of random workouts on youtube, intending to workout only to decide on nothing because you don't know what to do.  I want your workout to be as painless yet effective as possible.  That's why I developed a program that's short, sweet and to the point.  Because, let's be real...

We don't have a minute to waste!  Let's squeeze in a workout so we can squeeze more out of our day!

The Rundown....


  • 5 workouts designed JUST for Moms

  • Friendly to all Fitness Levels

  • 5 days... that's it

  • 10 Minutes per day

  • One Month Planner with goals and schedules

5 Day Fitness Energizer with Personal Trainer Erin Kendall

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What other Moms have to say about Fit Mom Go workouts...

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5 Day Fitness Energizer with Personal Trainer Erin Kendall


Let's do this together...  Momming is hard enough let alone the aching back, messy house, never-ending to do list, long lost dreams of long baths alone and oh right we have to decide what's for dinner!

Don't let fitness become one of those things on the dreaded list. Let fitness become the thing that eases the sting of the list.  Learn how to integrate fitness into your lifestyle so that it doesn't feel like such a big deal, yet makes a really big impact.

BUT WAIT! I know what you're thinking... 5 DAYS?  HOW WILL I MAKE IT FOR 5 DAYS straight??  How will I stay motivated?

This is a lifestyle that I'm introducing you to.  You don't flip your life upside down to do this. You'll fit this into those pockets of time that we learn to carve out of our already busy days.  One thing I know for sure... Every. Single. Time I workout, my day feels more productive, more fulfilled and I actually get more done AND I'm in a better mood.  When I get to squeeze in my workout I radiate that energy to everyone around me including my family!


Your Family Thrives When You Shine!

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Did I mention this is totally friendly to all fitness levels?  The key here is that it will help you to find and maintain consistency.  We are working on building a strong foundation and a healthy habit so you can look forward to exercise!  It's really a beautiful thing when that switch happens and you start to enjoy it!