5 Day Postpartum Fitness Energizer

 5 Day Postpartum Fitness Energizer with Personal Trainer Erin Kendall

Postnatal Workout Plan

It's time to make your way out of that newborn fog and start to feel like your old self again!

  • 5 Postpartum Workout Videos
  • 10 Minutes Each

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I know you want to feel like your old self again.  Trust me.... I was there, twice!   I jumped back into fitness after having baby #1 with both feet only to fall flat on my face.  To say the wind was knocked out of my sails would be an understatement.

It's ok.  We live and we learn.  We learn that a 10 Minute workout is better than nothing.  We learn that endorphins that come from fitness can make our day!  And you know what, we know for sure without a doubt that our families thrive when we shine.  Let that sink in for moment.

Now, how is that 10 minute workout lookin'?

How do you know if this is right for you?

  • You've had clearance from your Dr. or midwife to exercise.
  • Feeling like your old self again sounds so amazing!
  • You don't know what exercises you should do to get started.
  • You're experiencing neck/back/shoulder pain from holding and picking up baby.
  • Energy levels are lower than you'd like.
  • Prioritizing fitness has been challenging.

Your Family Thrives When You Shine


Did I mention this is totally friendly to all fitness levels?  The key here is that it will help you to find and maintain consistency.  We are working on building a strong foundation and a healthy habit so you can look forward to exercise!  It's really a beautiful thing when that switch happens and you start to enjoy it!


Don't worry about being able to keep up or not.  This isn't about being the strongest, fastest etc.  This is about getting moving.  Building the foundation for a strong Mom life!

Postpartum Fitness