5 Day Workout Plan | Challenge

5 Day Workout Plan | Challenge


This 5 Day Workout Plan is designed to show you how easy it can be to squeeze in a short yet very effective workout into an already busy day! These workouts are designed by a personal trainer and Mom, Erin Kendall.


How it works!

In 5 Days we will hit all areas of your body!  You'll walk away feeling a tad sore, super energized and excited once again about your fit self.  Here is the schedule:

Day 1:  Shoulder and Upper Body Workout

Day 2: Easy Core Workout

Day 3: Arm and Back Strengthening Exercises

Day 4: Quick Cardio Workout at Home

Day 5: Leg and Glute Workout

Just had a baby and ready to get your body back into shape?

Postpartum version available!

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Use this 5 Day Workout Plan to challenge yourself into jumpstarting your workout routine!