30 Day Fit Mom Go Challenge

This is the "I've got no time to workout kinda workout!"  Give yourself 10 minutes a day for 30 days, and I will give you Fit Mom Motivation with tools designed just for Moms!

30 Day Fit Mom Go Challenge

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Fit Mom Motivation 30 day Fit Challenge
This is the "I've got no time to workout kinda workout plan."  Sign up to get the workbook and instructions for how and when to make the most of the challenge.

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30 Days of 10 Min. workout Videos right to your inbox designed by a Personal Trainer, me!- Erin Kendall
Customizable Workbook to help you plan your month so it works for you and your life
Exercise doesn't have to be this huge commitment that takes up all your time.

Let's do this... Make Mom Life more Energetic, Fun and Fit!

BUT WAIT! I know what you're thinking... 30 DAYS?  HOW WILL I MAKE IT FOR 30 DAYS??

This is a lifestyle that I'm introducing you to.  You don't flip your life upside down to do this. You'll fit this into those pockets of time that we learn to carve out of our already busy days.  One thing I know for sure... Every. Single. Time I workout, my day feels more productive, more fulfilled and I actually get more done AND I'm in a better mood.  When I get to squeeze in my workout I radiate that energy to everyone around me including my family!

P.S. You get "off" days too.  You'll see the schedule doesn't even require a workout every day.

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 Did I mention this is totally friendly to all fitness levels?  The key here is that it will help you to find and maintain consistency.  We are working on building a strong foundation and a healthy habit so you can look forward to exercise!  It's really a beautiful thing when that switch happens and you start to enjoy it!

30 Day Fit Mom Go Challenge

 No More Mom Back


Strong Kid Lifting Shoulders


Create a Body You Love


Look Forward to Your Workout


Build Energy to Keep After Those Kiddos


Fitness is the movement of improving your health so you can be there for yourself and your family.  Strength and energy will carry you.


Lifestyle becomes part of you, and feels like a fluid part of your day.  Let's learn how to make fitness a part of our day that we look forward to.


When we do this together it doesn't feel so tough.  Know that you are a part of a larger group of Mamas with valid ambitions to be their best selves.