15 Minute Total Body Fat Burning Workout

Maximize your fat burning workout by using hand weights for strength during your cardio movements. These two components will help you burn calories and fat during AND after your workout!

After the warmup I'll walk you through how some basic movements to get you started before we dig into the good stuff! We have multiple exercises happening at the same time. These combo movements are going to help you get your heart rate up, keep it up while building strength and stamina.

It's that stamina that will help you increase your fitness levels and capacity for fitness. I want to move you out of that "exhausted after a workout" state to a "energized after a workout" state!

Be sure your hand weights are heavy enough that you start to feel the muscle fatigue close to that 10 rep set. I don't want you lifting weights that are so heavy you have to swing them around or picking weights that are so light they don't provide any benefit.

This is a great workout! Push yourself just a little bit past your comfort zone to increase your health.

You got this!!

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