15 Minute Full Body Workout with Hand Weights – NO REPEATS

This 15 Minute Full Body Workout with Hand Weights offers a variety of interesting exercises with NO REPEATS. I usually do repeats because they offer a great way to build confidence and stamina for your muscles, BUT in an effort to mix things up and keep things interesting this one offers no repeats. It's just lots of fun, different and meant to keep you on your toes!

Bear Hugs
Leg Swings


Mini Squats
Bicep/Shoulder press
Deltoid Lift
Resistance Squats
Forward Lunge
Single Leg Twist
Tricep Extension
Single Arm Row
Squat Upright Row
Back Lunge
Single Leg Halo
Wood Chop
Squat Diagonal Reach Down and press
Resistance High Knees
Standing Side Crunch

Tricep Stretch
Bear Hugs
Roll Down
Chest Stretch

Making your way through each exercise feel free to pause the video as needed to adjust your posture or position. We move fast through all of these exercises to help you get as much out of your 15 Minutes as possible.

The best tip for all of these exercises is to keep your abs engaged and straight back. This will help support you in all of your movements that you do.

Any exercises that feel too strenuous can be decreased in intensity by moving the muscle less/shorter distance.

This is a great workout to add to your mix of regular exercise videos for a full body workout!

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