15 Minute Arm Workout with dumbbells

Today's Workout is all about the arms! This arm workout with dumbbells hits biceps, triceps, deltoids and everything in between! Our workout today is about 15 Minutes because I know we all have so many other things to do, but let's bang this one out first. After our warmup we will use the hand weights to get the upper body exercises done with control and focus. Each move is a tiny bit tedious but don't worry... this is all part of the plan. Controlled and focused moves will help give your muscles time to really build true muscle strength vs. swinging motions that build stamina. Your muscles need strength in order to be functional throughout your everyday life.

You can use 5-6lb. hand weights or up your weights for a bigger challenge.


Set 1:

10 bicep curls
10 overhead tricep extensions
10 deltoid lifts
10 single leg wide angle bicep curls
10 mini-squats hammer curl into a shoulder press

Set 2:

10 back flies
10 squat press and twist
10 back rows

Set 3:

10 single arm single leg deltoid lifts
10 bicep curls
10 upright rows
10 single leg bicep curls

Give yourself time to stretch! It's something you should do everyday. A body in motion stays in motion. Keep those muscles hydrated and feeling good!

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