10 Minute Total Body Workout | Workout with Dumbbells

This 10 Minute Total Body Workout is short, but it's also so one of my favorite exercise videos! It's powerful and energizing. This workout is sure to get your blood flowing, help you feel and become stronger and give you a full body workout in 10 Minutes.

I'm all about convenience. An at home workout makes exercising convenient and more likely to get done!

The addition of weights helps us bring more leverage to the workout. We can create a better, more powerful workout that builds strength faster and more efficiently.

Enjoy your 10 Minute workout any time of day, but I always recommend squeezing that workout in earlier in the day. The earlier the better! Don't let the laundry list of other things to do get in the way of you working on your health.

Use any size hand weights that you are comfortable with!

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