10 Minute Toned Arms Workout With Weights

In just 10 Minutes you can have your arm workout done for the day! This is a great, powerful workout in a quick, fast-paced format.

Making sure your posture is pulled together with your chin up, shoulders back and tight core we start with a warmup. Every muscle we are about to work is going to get some movement before picking up the weights.

I love that I got to sneak in a little back workout here too, because your back supports all the things you do with your arms. Opening up your arms and back we get ready for this awesome workout. Everything is connected!

We are hitting biceps, triceps, deltoids and back muscles in all different directions for a toned arms and sculpted back workout. Since we move in different directions throughout the day we want to functionally use those muscles in the same way during the workout. This is functional fitness at it's best! We can use the strength that we gain during our workouts for everyday tasks.

Whether you're picking up your kids, gardening or something different I'm sure there is something in your day that could use this extra bit of arm strength. It's important to do an arm workout with dumbbells so you can get that extra leverage that really helps build arm muscle strength!

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