10 Minute Kettlebell Workout for Abs

We are doing a quick 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout for Abs and Core. I'm using a 15 lb. Kettlebell, but you should use what you are comfortable with and what you have to work with. Using the kettlebell swing and other exercises, we will challenge your abs and your entire core while also burning fat.

Starting with our usual warmup, bring your core in and use your strength to work on stability. Warm up all joints and muscles so we can be good and ready for a full body movement with the kettlebell.


Kettlebell Swing - Two Hands
Single Leg Twist
Single Arm Kettlebell Swing
Standing Side Crunch
Diagonal Squat Reach
Single Leg Halo
Kettlebell Overhead Swing
V Sit Twist
Kettlebell Crunch
Legs Up Kettlebell Crunch
Kettlebell Dead Bug
Kettlebell Clam Crunch
Kettlebell Knee In Crunch

Always keep your back straight and pull your belly button in to support your back! Because the kettlebell's center of gravity is a few inches lower than the handle, your body has to work harder to balance and stay stabilized during the exercises. While we are focused on your abs in this workout, we are working other muscle groups as well.

Feel free to switch to a smaller weight if you need to for the ab exercises. After this kettlebell workout for abs I want you feeling like you pushed yourself, but also feel like you crushed your workout!

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