10 Minute Beginner Full Body Workout

This 10 Minute Beginner Full Body workout is going to hit all of your major muscles groups and help you move your strength training goals along in just 10 minutes! I love these short and sweet workouts that don't take up too much of our time yet leave us feeling stronger and energized for the rest of the day.

If you're new to strength training you may want to begin with 5 or 6 lb. hand weights. A full body strength workout is a perfect way to ease into a fitness routine. We can focus on one rep, one minute at a time without feeling winded and dreading the next workout before even being done. Strength training also helps your body burn calories more efficiently, get through your day more functionally efficient and stronger.

Soreness sometimes follows a strength training routine during the following couple of days. It's important to keep moving, stay hydrated and stretch regularly to stay in the routine and keep your body feeling great!

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Beginner Full Body Workout Video