Fit Club with Erin Kendall

Create a body, energy & lifestyle you LOVE in 15 minutes per day!

When you're juggling a million things every day an hour long workout feels daunting, painful and just not realistic.  Instead of giving up on fitness you can make the MOST of your time that you DO have.  You have 15 Minutes a day to commit to yourself!

Hip Stretches for Low Back Pain Workout with Erin Kendall, Personal Trainer

Less Blah - More Energy

Less Aches - More Strength

It's time to put one foot in front of the other.  You make time, you show up and you turn that BLAH into an ENERGY FILLED LIFE that lights you up!

All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other.  I'll take it from there! 

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As a Mom, life happens in pockets of time.  Your fitness routine here does too!

You don't have to decide between your needs and theirs.  You CAN do both TODAY when your workout routine is realistic, built for Moms and effective at creating a strong body.

Workout routines that are too long, too intense and too daunting are easy to skip.  Then, we're left feeling guilty for not doing them and feeling like we failed when we didn't even have a fighting chance.

There's always a reason to not exercise.  I'm here to reinforce, motivate and solidify your workout routine! Oh yeah, and a little accountability to keep you on track.

I'm Erin Kendall, a Personal Trainer on a mission to bring fitness that's realistic, effective and easy-to-squeeze in for Moms!


Welcome to your New, More Energetic Mom Life

These super short, highly effective workouts are 15 minutes or less and make a real impact on your Mom life.  Let's work together to create a life filled with strength and energy.  No more "mom back", afternoon slumps or completely hitting the wall before the kids go to bed!  


The first step is to show up, do the work and follow along.  Workouts are designed to move in a simple, easy to follow format with clear directions and modifications based on your specific physical needs.

Your family thrives when you shine!

Included in Fit Mom Go Club

  • Your Workouts: You will have access to a library of workout videos that stream on so many devices - so cool and convenient.
  • Your Success Planner: The Workbook that you'll get right away will help you figure out how exactly you will fit this new plan into your life seamlessly while creating healthy habits.
  • Accountability Layers: Every week we work together to plan your course of action.  Making a plan and sticking to it!
  • Monthly Challenges: Each month we focus on a different area of the body and/or exercise to help our bodies get stronger, leaner and healthier!
  • Private Facebook Group: You'll have access to our private Facebook Group so we can party it up!  Extra exclusive live workouts, health chats, self care challenges etc are held here. 


  • Family Friendly Recipes: Breakfasts, lunches and dinners that me and my littles enjoy on the regular.
  • Meal Planning Template: Planning your grocery lists and meals helps ensure you are feeding yourself and your family nutritiously.
  • LIVE Workouts: Every week you can tune in to join me for a live 15 Minute workout in the Facebook Group which is based on requests made by you and the other members.
  • Need a little extra love: Personalized programming is available on request.  Strategy call at sign up. No Mom left behind!  Personal Training with weekly checkins/workouts are available for an additional small cost.
  • Did I mention Prizes?  Yep, every month I give away awesome prizes to help keep you motivated when times get tough.

Oh, Tell Me More...


"Love that it takes me less than 20 minutes to workout but that I'm getting a full body workout. It feels great! After a busy day and coming home to hungry and tired kids, I was pretty discouraged and had little patience and energy but I snuck out for this workout and now I have renewed energy and am in a much better mood. Thank you! - Debby B.


"I've trained with Erin for almost a month now, she's got an effortless teaching style, can-do attitude and always pushes you towards your goal with reminders and positive reinforcement. Great workout and excellent energy booster that helps improve not only my health but my energy as well!." - Hope K.

"I did today's workout and it was a good one! I think I needed it... we had a crazy morning with tears at drop offs from both kids, ugh!!! I figured I would "reset" before doing some work. Thanks!"- Becky L.

What Moms say about Fit Mom Go 

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All you need to do is put one foot in front of the other.  I'll take it from there! 

FREE 14 Day Trial

$49/mo after your trial ends

Apply by clicking below (cancel anytime)

Meet Your Personal Trainer


I developed Fit Mom Go to bring fitness to Moms, because Moms have unique physical AND mental demands.  We all know that being active can have profound effects on our lives and everyone around us.  Most importantly, our families benefit when we take care of ourselves.  We're more present, more energetic and can enjoy life more when we feel good.  My goal is to help you find intrinsic motivation that's strong enough to help you maintain a fit lifestyle well beyond your time with Fit Mom Go.  In the program you'll find like minded Moms who also want the best for themselves and their families.  What better reason to make friends, lift each other up and help hold each other accountable. I get you, Mom life is hard sometimes and we tend to put ourselves last.  With this, this one thing everyone benefits if we put ourselves first for just a few minutes a day.

- Erin Kendall, Certified Personal Trainer


Let's do this together! Apply today!

Be prepared to outlast the kids!  This workout series is self paced and offers a variety of pre-recorded workout videos for you to complete on your time when it fits your schedule whether you have 5 minutes or 35 minutes.  But don't worry!  We will keep you motivated and moving!


One workout will release enough endorphins to leave you with all the good feel good feelings that flow when you move your body and make your blood flow!

Let's Do This! ❤️ -Erin